You had me at hello

Small incidental connections. A smile. A wave. A gesture. That all-important takeaway coffee break where the barista knows exactly what you’d like. Yes, you had me at hello.

Out of adversity, the strangest things become important.

Now, more than ever, your rituals and connections will support you. They are the unintended consequences of lockdown and change.

When you look back, what will you remember about now?


Neighbours who drop food surprises at the door while we quarantine.

Friends who send funny photos to brighten our day or colleagues who call to say hello.

Walking around the block on work calls and smiling as you notice others are doing the same thing.

Pets and kids that join zoom video calls. Backgrounds that remind us of fun places to visit.

Glue meetings where we get together, albeit virtually and share what we are looking forward to when all “this” is behind us.

Gratitude for front line workers and prayers for those in hospital.

Respect for those homeschooling their children while working from home and juggling a million things.

The fairy lights that went up early because we needed the sparkle.

Who or what is making your list? What are the most energising fun rituals you could explore today? How could you make right now less scary or just a little easier?

Brian Tracy said, “There is never enough time to do everything, but there is always time to do the most important thing.”

Let’s go (and say hello to someone new)

Just a minute now.


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