Praise For Business Development

“Nicole is a high energy “get-it-done” leader with terrific marketing insights and a strong sense of ownership. She is someone who takes personal accountability for her work. Her ability to effectively communicate in a multi-cultural environment and her ability to keep the internal teams engaged was the key factor in winning.”

David Oldridge

Managing Partner & CEO, Asian Insight Consulting, Hong Kong SAR

“Nicole is a great role model and led many large teams across multiple countries. She is enthusiastic, always positive, proactive and articulate. Nicole is an excellent marketer and astonishing at developing businesses large and small with a dynamic personality that leaves a remarkable impression.”
Alex Chu

Regional Vice President – Asia, Aeolus (Asia) Ltd, Hong Kong SAR

“Nicole is energetic, a strong driving force and is extremely knowledgeable in strategic marketing. Nicole has the charisma to win the business and the people. She had brought about a revolution to our international sales teams and agents.”
Anice Chan

Director of Human Resources - Asia Pacific, TransUnion, Hong Kong SAR

"Nicole’s energy, positive attitude, will to win, creativity and leadership is of the highest level. Nicole was a very positive influence to myself and many who worked with her. Many of the lessons learnt through her leadership I still use today."

Jon Westerby

Vice President - America, DeSter Harmony (part of the Gategroup) - USA

"Nicole is a high energy marketing and business development senior executive. I know she has a great track record of success and that she has won some very high value $$m contracts. And a delightful person to have on your team."

Mark Geary

CEO – AsiaNet Consultants, Founder & Immediate Past President, International Executive Search Federation, Hong Kong SAR

"Nicole is an amazing, high energy and smart individual. She has been a fabulous marketing professional to have on the ground. I would certainly recommend Nicole to anyone who is looking for a switched on, knowledgeable and capable marketing consultant."

Bambi Staveley

Global Marketing Director, Balance Group Australia

“Nicole always sets clear expectations, her collaboration on projects is focused on translating business needs into training outcomes which build and develop skills and more importantly meeting stakeholder expectations on time and on budget.”
Michael Harris

Professional Trainer & Coach, Time4Training Singapore

“Nicole improved the company’s staff, practices and processes, raised its profile within the industry, and turned the company into an attractive target for a trade acquisition, which duly happened.”
John Barclay

Managing Director, Primasia Corporate Services Limited, Hong Kong SAR

“We find Nicoles’ experience extremely valuable; in the development of our forward thinking marketing strategy, and in formulating a comprehensive decision making structure, based on the solid foundation of effective teamwork.”
Remi Solarin

Head of Product Design, Innov8 Hub, Nigeria

Praise For Coaching

“From the time spent with Nicole I walked away full of optimism, drive and clarity on what I love doing, what I want to do in my current role and what I could achieve in banking. Nicole also helped me develop a new candour in my self-reflection that opened my eyes to how I perceive and respond to the world around me. Nicole has been a force of truth for me and provided the language, tools and guidance to give me the direction and self-empowerment I needed. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to work with her.”

Prue Howden

Director, Utilities and Infrastructure, Institutional Banking, ANZ Bank

“I had the honour of having Nicole as my coach. I really connected with everything she shared and taught me. Nicole gave me great tips and tools that I often refer to, helping me develop my leadership skills and build my strengths. If you get a chance to work with Nicole, she is professional, brings joy to your day and holds you accountable to progress.”
Oanh Vu

Director, Program Delivery Service NSW

“Nicole coached me over the course of 5 months I had a lot of opportunity to engage formally and informally with her. Throughout this time Nicole was at all times professional, insightful and supportive – providing incredible insights into potential areas for development (including blind-spots) and delivering the tools and resources needed to improve in the identified areas. Personally, she is highly engaging and I enjoyed our coaching relationship immensely.”

Jodi Wadling

Business Consultant , Owlphabet

“What a gift! Nicole was my executive coach during a recent career advancement program. Nicole assisted greatly with providing relevant tools, guidance and strategies to navigate a complex and challenging environment. I would encourage anyone seeking a dynamic and empowering coach to reach out to Nicole.”
Emma Sloan

Senior Business Banking Manager, National Australia Bank

“Nicole’s skills as an Executive Coach and getting you to think outside your usual process were powerful in enabling a positive change for me. I highly recommend Nicole to those who seek change,but may not know what the best approach is.”

Sally Bridgland

Executive Director, JBWere

“Nicole is experienced, smart, kind empathetic and funny. Her style puts you at ease and her varied experience is very relatable to any industry and situation. She had a plethora of very pertinent and relevant material that was useful to try, which I have been able to play with and see positive results both at work and home life! The time management pieces were invaluable. I highly recommend Nicole as an executive coach and mentor.”

Gillian Dunn

Senior Manager, Culture and Engagement, APRA|AMCOS

“As the Founder of Chocolate On Purpose® – a 100% Indigenous Australian-owned business I am juggling a lot. Nicole and I have covered a range of topics including; mindset, time management, warmth and authority, defining my strengths and expertise, mentors and sponsors, connection and deepening relationships. During this time I have found Nicole to be impactful to my perceptions. Nicole has been supportive of my efforts and a cheerleader as I make my way through award nominations, ta-da moments, business growth and huge accomplishments. I feel that I ‘sit’ differently in my business now… more assured… a little more polished…. and it’s making a real difference in how I show up and the successes I am achieving. I highly recommend Nicole Treasure as a Coach who teases out the genius within.”
Fiona Harrison

Owner, Chocolate On Purpose

“I am so lucky to have had an Executive Career coach – Nicole Treasure, through 2022 who inspires me every day to be better than the day before. I feel so content, proud of my achievements and motivated. Thank you for being my guiding light, for encouraging and supporting me, and for making me stronger step by step. I am extremely thankful for everything that you’ve done; especially your warmth and curious questions that make me think. I have loved the resources you have shared so I can build my toolkit. Having you as my coach has helped me realise what I need to be successful in my career and life. Thank you for caring for me, Nicole.”
Mabel Lam

Event Manager, ICC Sydney

"I feel like I won the lottery when I found Nicole. She is a skilful executive coach whose insights and ability to help shift perspective have motivated and helped ignite my drive to confidently advocate the direction I want my career to grow. The sessions I had with Nicole focused on a broad range of topics showcasing the professional scope Nicole delivers. Thank you, Nicole."

Nicole Done

Chief Inclusion and Wellbeing Officer, Xceptional

“I engaged Nicole to work with me as a coach as I was feeling lost and needed some career direction and guidance. The process was informative and facilitated by completing a strengths-based profile which provided the foundation for ongoing coaching, and a Reflected Best Self Exercise which helped solidify my understanding of how others perceive me. Over a series of sessions, I was able to baseline where i was in my career and set measurable and meaningful goals for the future. Nicole is direct, positive and encouraging. The way she approached the process was insightful and intuitive. I would highly recommend working with Nicole for some coaching support.”
Jenny Talbot

Head of Procurement, LJ Hooker

“From our first meeting, Nicole got me thinking about my goals in a realistic and motivating way, how to manage my time effectively, and helped me to focus on the things that really mattered to me. With each session, I was able to reset and obtain clarity about who I am and my purpose. I enjoyed every single time we connected on Zoom, as Nicole displayed a genuine interest in not just my career development, but more importantly, my health & wellbeing. Thank you Nicole!”
Audrey Lee

Social Media Consultant

“With Nicole’s help, I finally completed my Strengths Profile before Christmas. Nicole gave me a debrief and a coaching session last week and she was amazing! Not only did she ask me to dig deeper, and beautifully handle a zoom conversation but also patiently waited for me to unpack, wrestle with, find my aha moments, and re-pack, with no judgement, no rush and no interruptions. I was also held accountable for what I will do next. I am so grateful to you Nicole, for helping me to revisit 2020 and both the joy and pain it brought me, make peace with what was a tough year and re-connect with who I am. This means the world to me.”
Nicole Karagiannis

Chief People & Culture Officer ,

Praise For The Book

“I was so enthralled by this book that I wrote this note to the author –

Early Sunday morning reading (finishing) of your book has compelled me to pop you a wee note.

I love it, or it’s excellent, doesn’t really cut it – and feels a tad platitudinous. What I’m actually feeling is – wow, you’ve created something really special here.

I mean, we’ve all read countless self-help, positive thinking tomes, many of which are good, but often they’re quite a chore to read. Your book really bounces.

I particularly like how relatable every page is (those of our vintage have lived every one of these pages), you don’t need to read from page one. Just open it at any page, or flick back and forward for more gold.

It’s a real gem, Nicole. Brilliant work!!”


“It was a joy to pick up this lively-looking book…and feel its weight and size in my hands.

First random openings were enticing, with welcoming titles and images.

The writing is as from a friend, offering gentle and wise advice, even in typically sensitive areas of our human nature.

I love that this book is authentic to its title and concept, in that it takes only a minute of reading to glean inspiration and solace. This is a book I can read for minutes or hours, every day or some days, and certainly time and again.”

Susan Blond

“Such a refreshing book with wonderful ideas on how we can make the most of our busy lives, day by day. And a great coffee table book as well, always getting positive comments from our house guests!”
John P McCann

“A truly inspiring read with beautiful visuals, this book is filled with practical tips and tricks on how to make the most out of every moment. A must read for those who want to slow down and savour the moment.”
Colleen Moran

“Just a Minute Now is inspiring. Reading it feels like having a coffee with a dear and insightful friend. It felt good to linger over each of the colorful pages. I know I will be revisiting this gorgeous book when I need a boost of positivity! Thanks, Nicole Treasure!"

Kathy Fries-Wilson

“Very useful strategies and ideas are presented in achievable bite-size pieces. A great gift for all the very busy people in your life! The tone is both realistic and very encouraging and the book itself is beautiful to pour over again and again. I have marked many pages to reread and underlined quotes to remember. Highly recommend it!!!”
Christina Clark

“This book is bursting with personality and is simply put, absolute fun. A bold and colorful array of imagery (it’s my new coffee table book) and sentiments— I’ve never felt so relaxed and empowered at the same time. Some of the passages hit me like fireworks. As a busy professional with way too much to do and little time to even think, I am always searching in vain for that little something that can rebalance me. Believe it or not, this is now my go-to stress buster. This book made me rethink the value of time and how a busy day can turn into a serene one, in ‘just a minute.’”
USA Reviewer

“This is just what I needed- short reminders to take a minute for myself and how easy it really is. Everyone is busy and sometimes the idea of a minute seems like a luxury but Nicole Treasure has come up with great ideas on how to take that moment and do something for yourself. A lovely book to read on your own to gift to that busy special someone!”
Amazon Customer

"Nicole Treasure has created a book that's both playful and thoughtful; it encourages you to take a minute to focus on what matters most. The volume is well-designed, filled with bright colors and inspiring images, and would make a great gift for yourself or someone you love."

Caroline Garnet McGraw

“Love this book! Fun, thoughtful and inspiring – easy to dip into. Makes a great gift for a friend (or for you) and looks wonderful on a coffee table. My favourite advice (so far) is to sing every day – uplifting :)”

“Love the suggestions here for making the day a little better. Setting goals can seem too distant when you wake up each morning. These tips are actionable and achievable. Small steps to a better day.”
Diane Powers

“As a new mum and someone accustomed to achieving a lot in a day, this book has been a fabulous nudge in the right direction. It’s a positive reminder that we are all in the driver’s seat of our day (mostly).”
Kylie Harris


“How I wish I could have bought this book 20 years ago when my plate was full with twin toddlers. With its advice, I may have managed to keep more balance in my life. It’s bite sized…you can easily do a page each morning and meditate on the offer during the day. The images are inviting and the suggestions super valuable. Treat a friend, they will love you for it!”


“First of all the presentation of the book makes you feel happy. The colours and illustrations are beautiful. I loved the fact that you can read small sections whenever you feel you need an uplift from shopping lists, mountains of chores, work or just need a minute to yourself, it makes you sit down and think of yourself and other people. I can say this because I have used the book in this way, how good is that! I bought the book for three of my friends all with very different daily routines and they all loved it.”


“Love this book full with words of wisdom and beautiful colour and inspiration. I will be purchasing more as gifts for my friends for uplifting moments. Thank you Nicole Treasure, brings joy when I’m feeling low.”


“If you’re looking for a bright little spot in your day then this is your book! Flick open to any page to get a quick zap of colour, energy and some very wise words of wisdom! Such an easy and happy read…thanks Nicole Treasure!!”


“This gorgeous book is a visually beautiful as well as practical to help the busy person take a moment to re-energise. I bought the book for a friend for her birthday and she LOVED it! I’m going to be purchasing more for my other busy friends.”


“An inspiring, uplifting and visually delicious book, filled with positive ways to encourage the reader to take back precious moments and turn them into lasting memories. Well worth taking a moment of your time to read and unwind. Would be a wonderful gift for a busy friend.”


“In our busy, busy lives it’s often difficult to find the time, space and energy to explore what really matters. Just A Minute Now shows us how to savour the little in-between moments in our day. You’ll be inspired by the encouraging, bite-sized words of wisdom, each idea is designed to take just one minute to ponder and digest. The challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to resist the urge to linger on the page.”


"This book is simply beautiful. It resides in my waiting room and has received many, many, positive reviews. It makes the daunting and impossible, possible with simple, inspirational and practical tips. It is wise, mindful, self care with a whole lot of fun. 5 stars from me!"



“An easy to read format, Nicole takes a very hard look at the everyday things we do that waste time. Take a minute to think about these things, and you will gain hours and days, and probably end up a whole lot happier in the process. Insightful, fun, and very productive.”
Trevor H


“This is my new favourite go-to book for a few minutes of downtime. Everyone needs this book. It makes a perfect gift for someone too. If you know any super busy women especially, get them a copy!”


“Will definitely try to change my life in ways to improve my time after reading the inspiring words ! Well written and illustrated A++”


“I love this book! The idea of stealing a minute of your day back for yourself is great. Just looking at one of the beautiful, fun images is like taking a micro-break. Taking a moment to read a page is like having a quick pick-me-up chat with a friend. Nicole’s personality shines through in the chatty, upbeat text and the beautifully selected images.”

Angus & Robertson

“A number of the suggestions in this book really rang true for me. It’s a super easy read, with lovely images and had strategies to help me find and use a moment in my day.”

Barnes & Noble

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