Lighten your load

Are you carrying tomorrow’s concerns and yesterday’s baggage? If so, maybe lighten your load and just focus on today.

Reduce, lessen, minimise a little.

Hot and cold can coexist, so can sadness and hope, disappointment and joy.

You may be resilient and still need a break.

You could be kind and have boundaries.

You can be generous with your time and still need to block some for yourself.

You may have given it 100% and now need to back out.

You can be independent and still need others.

You might be brave and confident and still have moments where you question everything.

You can feel like you have a lot precisely at the same time you give much of it away.

Some situations may seem wildly foolish and yet somehow perfect.

Others are in difficult situations and have it worse, but your pain and troubles are still valid.

You don’t need to apologise for your contradictions. Some days you will sing and make cupcakes and on other days making an entrance before noon seems impossible.

Lots of things are equally true. If you are looking at a 6 and I stand opposite I see a 9. We’re both right.

Give yourself a break. Lighten your load. Recognise your version of today is right for you, right now.

And when in doubt just add water. When you, a partner, the kids or a friend are upset, tired, frustrated or bored, wash the dog, drink a big glass of water, run a bath, water the garden, take a shower, have a long hot drink – dive in and just add water.

Dilute the day.

Let’s go.

Just a minute now.




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