Let’s Collaborate, With A Twist

Sometimes we just need the twist, the special something that makes us unique, exciting, memorable, different.

So you’ve got an idea.

You know it’s good and maybe even great. What’s next?

Perhaps you now need someone to share the thinking with, someone to ask curious questions and consider the direction and next steps with.

That’s where I come in.

"Nicole’s energy, positive attitude, will to win, creativity and leadership is of the highest level. Nicole was a very positive influence to myself and many who worked with her. Many of the lessons learnt through her leadership I still use today."

Jon Westerby

Vice President - America, DeSter Harmony (part of the Gategroup) - USA

I’ve been working in Australia, Asia, Europe and the US. I’ve been fortunate and had the opportunity to work with some of the best brands in the world. Brands that hold their spaces in retail, food and beverage, entertainment, home goods, apparel, travel, airline and some very diverse industries.

Doing this has allowed me to peek inside some small, medium and large organisations and see how they work and how they strive to improve.

More importantly, I have been working alongside all sorts of people. The cultures, tastes, interests, ideals have been varied. What remains constant is the priority of differentiation and engagement. Everyone wants to stand out and catch and keep their audience.

This idea seems to apply from the moment you interview for the new job, the day your product goes “live”, the promotion begins or the message is launched to your tribe.

Was it genuine, authentic, consistent, trustworthy? Will you stand out and be remembered?


Let’s think about this together with a twist.

"Nicole is an amazing, high energy and smart individual. She has been a fabulous marketing professional to have on the ground. I would certainly recommend Nicole to anyone who is looking for a switched on, knowledgeable and capable marketing consultant."

Bambi Staveley

Global Marketing Director, Balance Group Australia

Perhaps you’ve been feeling stuck? Maybe you need a little help with clarity, direction and next steps?

If you would like to discover your strengths and how to make them visible you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve had a lot of fancy titles and been in the wheelhouse of large multi-national organisations around the world,but importantly I’ve been nurturing talent.

"Nicole is a high energy marketing and business development senior executive. I know she has a great track record of success and that she has won some very high value $$m contracts. And a delightful person to have on your team."

Mark Geary

CEO – AsiaNet Consultants, Founder & Immediate Past President, International Executive Search Federation, Hong Kong SAR

I’m an Executive Coach with the ability to shift perspective and powerful intuition. I will help you successfully craft and bring your ambitions to life. You will develop the skills necessary for effective leadership and advancement in a changing landscape.

Will you need agility, resilience and grit? Definitely.

Will I be right there beside you? Of course.

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