Who doesn’t want to sparkle, twinkle, shimmer, glow and shine? Sparkle is that brilliant, dazzling, exuberant, bubbly, witty, clever, vibrant you.

That’s the you that hits your stride, loves your life, is having fun, seeing friends, and laughing a lot.

You’ve put that sparkle on hold long enough. Time to pull it out, dust it off and do your thing.

What are you waiting for?

Don’t wait for the special event, special occasion, special time. Today is a special time and this extraordinary day deserves your sparkle.

If being in lock-down, remote from friends and family, fearful, restricted in so many ways has taught us anything, it might be that each day is precious.

Precious deserves sparkle. You might like to:

Play bigger
Make plans
Get excited
Arrange fun get-togethers
Know you’re not broken
Wear “that” outfit, put on the heels and lipstick
Drink the good stuff
Take action

Sparkle is the glint of possibility, the dance of doing it differently and the twinkling of a new idea coming to life.

Yes, rather than no. Of course, rather than I’m not sure.

Bold steps, unapologetic progress. Fearless, powerful, unstoppable vibrance. Elevate not one day or someday but today.

Consider your legacy. What sort of life would you like to live? Full, joyful, exciting, happy?

You know what makes you sparkle.

Let’s go (brightly)

Just a minute now.


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