What day is it anyway?

Never have we noticed the time more than now. We’re watching the news to hear which day things will change and restrictions might ease. Still, we’re wondering is it Saturday or Tuesday?

Some of us are sitting at home and it has been weeks since we escaped our spaces. Good that we are safe, but the days may be blurring. Weekdays and weekends might seem pretty similar.

This is just an unusual time. Understatement of the year.

If you are lucky enough to have a roof over your head, recipe swapping may be rife and flour is flying. Baking tins, no longer relegated to the back of the drawer are now front and centre during the rush to bake just about anything and everything. Who would have thought you could make your own apple pie or come up with a new tart or cupcake daily?

Maybe you’ve resisted the all-you-can-eat idea and you’re more the I’ll train-for-a-marathon type or you’ve put the 30-day abs/butt/balance challenge on repeat.

Not you? Have you been binging on every series you had on the must-watch list and many more? The couch has permanent indentations and you have more water-cooler conversation than ever….for when we get back near a water cooler that is.

Perhaps the reality of homeschooling is where all your energy has been diverted. Who knew Grade 3 maths could be so interesting? When the kids were at school, the day seemed to fly. At home, well, maybe not so much.

Have you conquered the exciting backdrops available for all your now-online work meetings? Perhaps you are enjoying a tropical setting while speaking to your colleagues. Will anyone notice I’m still wearing my slippers or practising my tik-tok moves?

Are you volunteering? Helping others?

Or has your creative side come to out to play? Bread making, quince paste cooking, lego, board games or jigsaws. Too busy cleaning, becoming minimalist or writing the shopping list?

We are all in the same boat is not accurate. The same storm yes, but we are all in different boats.

How are you paddling and keeping your head above water? I’d love to know.

Lets’ go.

Just a minute now.


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