A little control

Out of adversity, the strangest things might grow. You have a little control after all.

Please don’t leave what you really want to do, want to say, would like to be or to create to when everything is back to ‘normal’.

Kick procrastination and overwhelm, paralysis and “I don’t know what to do” to the curb.

Let’s not put off or backslide or duck out of …. what we were hoping for, aiming towards and passionate about before all this started.

What’s one thing you can control today?

You can control some things, not all things. Focus on what you can control.

Let’s go forward together, collectively. Even a little.


I can control when I get up and when I go to sleep.

I can determine how I show up (yes, even on zoom or similar).

I can plan if I exercise, how and where.

I can think about what I eat and when.

I can determine what I focus on today and how I think about it.

I can decide how much news I digest and the sources I choose.

I can work out who I reach out to, call, check-in on or send a quick text to.

The rest of it maybe I can’t control and maybe I just have to sit with that right now.

What can you control? Take a minute to consider this. What can you command, sway, have power over, determine today? Maybe more than you think?

Let’s go. 

Just a minute now

(Photo credit: Stephanie Harvey)


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