Trying to hold things lightly

Sometimes a new day, a new week, month, year or even decade reminds us to think about what’s next. It’s the passing of time, and we don’t want it to slip by.

This however, is not another recommendation to do more, be more or develop more goals, plans or resolutions.

Rather a suggestion that trying to hold things lightly could be the answer.

Softly, gently, we’re talking sparkling not sweating here.

Perhaps you have big dreams, more significant ideas and goal posts that you are aiming towards. If that’s you, great.

With these plans in mind, it may be worth remembering possibilities will emerge, directions may change, situations shift, and people move. Will you run, walk or saunter and adjust also?

This idea is more than just being flexible in the moment, agile at work and accommodating all round.

The tighter you hold, the less space you give something. And when we want something to grow, creating some space is an all-important ingredient.

Lightness and ease are not often associated alongside the determination, consistency and hard work customarily thought to co-exist with goals, plans and resolutions. But what if they could? 

What if we try to hold things lightly and have fun during the process and make the journey as enjoyable as the result?

Let’s go.

Just a minute now.


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