Look up

This is unlikely to be on your to-do list today but switching off, rebooting and looking up is always a good option.

When your computer is doing weird things, you reboot it. Next, your phone is glitching, so you take a deep breath and switch it off. The TV starts behaving oddly, so you power off. When the microwave starts showing you error codes, you turn it off at the fuse box.

What about you, though? When you are feeling depleted, overwhelmed and exhausted, do you switch off, reboot and look up?

During the last week have you taken a break from your constant emails, texts and notifications? Did you have a break from social media?

Have you had a chance to relax and enjoy a meal without distractions?

Do you remember having a whole conversation without glancing at your phone?

Where are you looking right now? Do you need a change of view?

How about going somewhere quiet for a few minutes.

Planning and taking a short break. Step out for lunch. Get some fresh air minus distractions. Follow a walking trail instead of an email trail.

Enjoy the here and now instead of posting to there for later.

Looking up beyond eye level, stretch your neck, raise your gaze. What do you see? Admire, improve your view. Be present, attentive and look up, not down.

You never know what you might find. 

Let’s go.

Just a minute now.


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