Small steps

Hello there. Are you running, walking, barely crawling through today or hopping and skipping along?

Each day is different. Some days we feel like we are sprinting through our to-do lists, making the magic happen, whipping up this, presenting that, negotiating the next.

Other days it is a struggle to get out of bed, despite the numerous alarms.

These are the days that the smallest of steps matter. I call them ladybird steps. They are so tiny they are almost invisible. Don’t underestimate those small ladybird steps though. They often lead to flight.

Those tiny steps spell endless possibilities, tenacity and inspiration.

Look around and consider who you know that may be stuck. Could you help them take just a small step? 

Remember, you are never too old to take baby steps…..

Sometimes the smallest step – ladybird style – in the right direction ends up being the most significant step of your life.

Will you step into the holiday season frazzled, overwhelmed and exhausted or is there a new and different approach you could try?

You don’t need to take all the steps right now, just the next one.

Ladybirds are considered lucky in many cultures, so try your luck and spend this minute taking the tiniest of steps in a new direction.

Let’s go.

Just a minute now.


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