Red or white? Meat or vegies? Stop or keep going? Full cream or skim? Regular or decaf? Exercise or sleep in? Buy or sell? Save or spend? Flats or killer heels?

Wow so many choices. Are you feeling paralysis by analysis at this point? There are pros and cons and lists galore and you still feel stuck.

Well take a minute. No more, no less.

Look at it, consider and then….just do something. It beats feeling like you’re caught in the washing machine stuck on spin cycle.

We’re aiming for progress over perfection here and in most cases something may be better than nothing.

Let’s be decisive. Let’s try….did you just hit the snooze button?

Let’s Go.

Just a minute now …

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  1. Lola Boots

    Wow! So true. There are millions of choices we make every day. Love love love!!!

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