There may be no knight in shining armour, no picket fence, no lottery win today….but the sky is blue, we have clean air, hot water, fresh food and friends to be thankful for.

Look around. How lucky are we?

Don’t just stick to being mind-full. Let’s try for mindful instead.

We’re here and now is looking pretty great. Sometimes it’s nothing short of extraordinary.

Occasionally we will show up with ease, grace and flow. On good days we can create and rock with the best of them.

Get out amongst it all. Open new doors. Fortune favours the brave.

Feel blessed not stressed.

Your blessing comes in the form of this minute, not later, not tomorrow, right now. Use it as you will.

Let’s Go

Just a minute now…..


  1. Lyn graham

    I couldn’t agree more.

    • nicoletreasure

      Thankyou Lyn !

  2. Lola Boots

    Too blessed to be stressed! xx

    • nicoletreasure

      So pleased to hear this Lola xx

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