Birthday Suit Alterations here

Summer bodies are apparently made in winter.

Next time you look inside your wardrobe and think I haven’t got a thing to wear or worse I can’t fit into anything you’ll know.

You’ll know it’s time for birthday suit alterations. No excuses, step away from the biscuit tin.

Stop reading about all the ‘programs’ you could be on while eating a block of dark almost-good-for-you chocolate (yikes am I the only one that does that?)

Think about eating less processed out of a packet and more foods out of the ground.

We’re going for clean and lean here. We’re not aiming for runway ready. We’ll settle for smooth zip up and a little wiggle room.

We’ve tried tips for contouring, a little colour and highlighting. Yet the elasticized waistband and flowing look will take us only so far.

Now we’re thinking salad and star jumps, salmon and squats. Sssh, we could get on a roll with this.

Our favourite exercise is somewhere between a lunge and a crunch…we call it lunch.

Let’s Go.

Just a Minute Now …


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