Thank you

Have you said thank you to anyone today? Did you elaborate on the reason for your gratitude? Were you specific?

Instead of a throw-away “thanks” why not shower someone with a special thank you. A thank you, that shows you care and that you give importance¬†to the act, deed, time, energy or favour you’ve been given.

A special thank you is precise and delivered with conviction. It shows you recognise the effort.

Who deserves a special thank you today? Has someone gone that extra mile for you? Generosity deserves heartfelt gratitude.

Maybe it was just the right words at the right time. Perhaps someone supported you, stuck by you. A teacher who came in early and left late just to help you. A mentor who helped guide you along a bumpy path. A friend that offered you a lift. Another who carried your bag. Occasionally, it’s just that well-timed coffee delivery with a smile, a phone call out of the blue that boosts your spirits or surprising thoughtfulness.

In providing this special thank you will make the recipient feel appreciated. A thank you can motivate, encourage and inspire others. It is often long remembered.

Appreciation can make someone’s day – even change a life.

Take this minute now to consider who you can say thank you to and why. Time to hat tip, shout out, say thank you, be much obliged.

Let’s go.

Just a minute now.


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