Take Momenti

A momenti, I recently learnt is time to relax, take it easy, not to worry, be calm, mellow out. It is also the plural in Italian of momento…..so having more than one sounds good to me.

When exactly was the last time you gave yourself momenti?

Mmm, I see you are struggling to remember, scratching your head and yes, I spotted the eye roll.

In the windscreen of life, you can consistently drive through the rain and storms, wipers madly scanning left and right, squinting to see what’s going on or you can pull over briefly, take a moment and clear the cobwebs, leaves and build up of dirt on your window to the world. What clarity will you find?

If you hear yourself saying I’ve got too much on my plate, I’m running late (again), I’m falling off the cliff with my workload, cringing at my to-do list, yelling at the kids/team mates/partner/dog, I’m juggling and dropping lots of balls….then you are a prime candidate for momenti.

If you haven’t got any time, ask yourself why. Your day has 24 hours also. All of them precious.

I’m taking my momenti with a side of sea breeze and great view. How about you?

Let’s go.

Just a minute now.


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