There’s been a lot going on lately. Maybe you’ve felt that way also?

We have just managed to sashay through Halloween politely trick or treating from the perch of our broomstick, Thanksgiving is coming and Christmas and the Holiday season seem almost upon us.

Meanwhile, our hours are dedicated to the end of year work, project completion, school and activity commitments. A flurry of events, functions, exams, preparation and juggling. Did I mention the shopping, cooking, washing and more?

I guess we can choose to go into the state of “overwhelm” ….believe me, that feels entirely possible, or maybe we can choose to be grateful for abundance.

Abundance takes many forms. What do you have in abundance? What feels like plenty? What is spilling over with prosperity, a bounty to behold? Do you have anything that looks lavish, copious, full, bulk, a profusion of plentitude? Whatever it is, there is probably a lush XL version of it sitting looking right at you.

In our perfectly imperfect day, today let’s rock our thanks for the abundance in our life. Rather than curse the profusion of get-togethers, meals, outings, activities, the phone that keeps ringing, the clients that need more and full schedules, let’s celebrate. Lucky us.

Hug that abundance.

Let’s go.

Just a minute now.


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