Sunny side up

There are moments, sometimes whole days that just don’t go according to plan.

You think you know the agenda, have the schedule worked out and the routine down pat.

Today was going to be dedicated to this. Tomorrow morning destined for that.

Then it happens. Out of the wings comes the curve ball. The one that ruptures the flow, changes your direction and puts you off balance. There goes your sunny disposition.

So, not all the team turned up. The presentation space was not exactly as you expected. The technology is on the blink so we’re back to a lot of hand gestures instead.

There was that particular time set aside in your calendar for “peace and quiet” before half the crew turned up out of the blue.

In this minute you have a choice. Be really underwhelmed with the situation, annoyed, frustrated or …..go with it.

Like a journey without a map – it might just be fun.

Take this minute to consider where you might go off course without protest. Hand over the reins. Pass the baton. Give the hot seat to someone else. Just go with the flow for once.

Sit back and know that poached, boiled, omelette or scrambled it still works. Relax you’ve got this. Enjoy.

Let’s go.

Just a minute now …


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