Level 11

Have you ever heard yourself offer to give 110% effort to something? You know there is actually only 100% but you will go above and beyond, of course.

Then there is 10/10. A perfect score.

But did you know there is a Level 11? Nope, me neither. Until recently that is.

You see, I met someone who described an experience they had enjoyed and everything about this experience was amazing. It looked incredible, tasted delicious, sounded exotic and inspiring, sent shivers down your back with anticipation the more the story unfolded. It was so surprising and enticing that it had a table full of people hanging on every word, excited just to be there listening.

Is there anything or anyone in your life that makes you feel like you are participating in a Level 11 life?

Surely it makes you richer for knowing it’s there? Don’t push it to the sides, take it for granted or forget it’s there at all. Celebrate. This is part of your best life. The bits that fill you with warmth and energy and make you want to do your happy dance.

If you are wondering how to spend a minute today consider where your Level 11 is. If you know, dive in and enjoy. Share the excitement or tell that special someone they lift you to Level 11.

If you’re not sure where Level 11 is hiding, extend yourself, explore and find it…..it’s bound to be there … somewhere out there….or sometimes right under our noses, the ordinary can become extraordinary if we let it. Stop and smell the roses. Occasionally even the frog turns into a Prince.

Let’s go.

Just a minute now …

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  1. Jo

    Wow!! Level 11
    This is definitely something new and very interesting.
    I’m going to relax and sit back and find my Level 11😍

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