Starting with a pause

If you’re trying to start anything new right now it may seem oddly challenging.

Surely during collective chaos, global turmoil and a landscape around you that looks downright unfamiliar it could be tricky.

Or maybe it is exactly what you need to do…. starting with a pause.

The very thought might seem ridiculous or at best slightly insane.

Intuitively you know as mad as it sounds this may work nevertheless. Maybe the best way to start is to pause first.

You are invited to take this opportunity to press pause. It could be the break, reset or respite you need.

Earlier I’ve suggested a number of ways to pause.

  1. Close your eyes
  2. Take a deep breath
  3. Relax
  4. Be grateful
  5. Use your imagination
  6. Create something new
  7. Find simple joys
  8. Share more
  9. Connect
  10. Observe nature
  11. Appreciate beauty
  12. Make space

What works for you? A horizontal pause?

I ask because I’m genuinely interested. I’ve been collecting these pauses or Just a minute now moments, for a while now. How do you pause when it seems impossible?

I’ve pondered, collated, collected, practised, polished, succeeded and failed (yes more than once) with a range of ideas.

I see executives breathing deeply before delivering news, new mothers napping when the baby is sleeping and speakers meditating before their big presentation. Friends are saying they need to reconnect with something that gives them joy, clients are relaxing when they finally find clarity on what they need and all of us are smiling when there is a break in our routine or an opportunity to slow down.

So now, I know the best way to start is to pause first. Join me?

Let’s go (gently, there’s no rush)

Just a minute now


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