Time to launch

Time to launch in a new direction. Today, this week, let’s face it, this year might well seem off-course for you. For some of us, regular structure, routine, anything that resembles familiar or focussed direction might be in short supply.

The realisation we’ve gone astray might be leading you to focus on the negatives, the missing bits and everything that’s been postponed or cancelled.

By now, you may have realised the deficit approach isn’t working for you. Dwelling on the negatives is a downward slope.

So it’s back to the basics. We’re going to start over, build, create, commence and re-launch. Establish the base.

Time to re-evaluate

You have 1440 minutes in your day. Are you treating them as precious?

Decide what you want (other than the next lottery win). Decide why you want it. Make the ‘why’ a good reason to get out of bed for. You’d choose this ‘why’ over that chocolate cake you’ve been dreaming about. Imagine how you will feel when you achieve this goal.

Now think about your launch. When will you start? How do you need to prepare for success? Who will support your efforts?

Is this an original idea, or have you done this before? Any lessons to learn from last time?

When nothing goes right, go left. Let’s kick procrastination, overwhelm, paralysis and “I don’t know what to do” to the curb.

You have more control than you think. You can build, establish and grow something. You can decide you need to do less and be more. Prioritise what works for you.

Let’s go (and see what we find).

Just a minute now.


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