Run your own race

If you haven’t trained for a marathon in your spare time, launched a successful side gig or changed the Universe yet, know that it’s OK to run your own race at your own pace.


It is never too late.


Small steps. Tiny possibilities. Progress. Little things matter.


Consistency counts.


Grit; that courage, backbone, spirit and resolve, is your friend. Some days may not seem like fun or even run smoothly, but your perseverance and tenacity are inching you closer.


Start at the beginning. 


When I get out of bed, I could:

  1. Look at my phone
  2. Stretch and breathe
  3. Meditate
  4. Exercise
  5. Drink water
  6. Be grateful for three things
  7. Make the bed
  8. Design an act of kindness and decide on the recipient
  9. Determine one thing that will progress me to my goal



If you are drawn towards your phone, know that you are moving with the majority. 8/10 people will do just that. Triggering a stress response may not be the start you’re looking for.


Alternatively, you could run your own race for a little while minus the social media options, newsfeed, flurry of emails and messages. Perhaps even choose an alternative start.


Navy Seal William McRaven will suggest you Make your Bed. Nearly a million views suggest he may be on to something here


It seems doing the little things right make the big things possible.


Let’s Go (after the bed is made)


Just a minute now.


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