Remember when …

It was simple. Some days ran smoothly. Things were straightforward, uncomplicated, plain, quiet, effortless. Remember when you felt at ease?

There was something light about your moments. Maybe the day just felt more transparent or smooth. Or perhaps just a little bit more manageable.

Remember when you said, “this is a piece of cake”. I can do that. No problem. The instructions were there, and exact steps could be taken. Progress was assured.

Remember when you felt a tiny bit more relaxed than right now?

It wasn’t complicated, hard, involved, vague or jumbled.

That ease is precious….and worth finding again.

So, where’s your calm?

What makes you feel content?

How could you add a little satisfaction to your day?

Where might you find some relaxation?

When could you reset?

What does ease look like for you?

With 1440 minutes at stake every day, how many are you spending in ease?

This is the 100th, Just a minute now.

Across time, I have shared minutes to thrive, connect, be present, start something new, inspire, escape or create. Many minutes have been positive, suggesting things to appreciate, reflections, what to organize, when to listen, find support, shine or imagine.

Along the journey, you may remember when you felt at ease.

Where were you?

What were you doing?

Were you alone or with others?

Now breathe. Your breath should be reflective of the place you want to be in. Relaxed.

Because you remember when you permit yourself to find some ease, it feels so good. Could we make that a priority today?

Let’s Go (effortlessly).

Just a minute now.


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