What’s bothering you today?

Is it annoying, distracting, frustrating self-talk? An interference in your day?

Mmmm, give it a voice – say it out loud. Write it down in front of you.

Now, look at it carefully for a minute.

Have you been giving it too much air time? The voice in your head on repeat?

Researchers believe we have up to 70,000 thoughts a day. If that soundtrack is negative or making us anxious we might need a new one.

How likely is it that all that jibber-jabber you are swirling around your mind is true? Let’s not automatically believe that little voice is accurate. Let’s not swallow the story whole.

Are you at the stage where everything you hear on “that subject” is coloured unfavourably?

Do you read every email or text from “that person” with grave doubt? (I can see you rolling your eyes)

Break the negativity loop. Take a moment and be your own best friend.

Remind yourself – I am a glass-half-full kind of person today….and hopefully again tomorrow.

Let’s go
Just a Minute now


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