Pushing the reset button

I know that abstaining from anything you do a lot (online shopping, Netflix binging, eating chocolate anyone?) can be painful. We like our routine. Comfortable right? Now those habits …. well some are good, others less so.

What if I reminded you willpower can be flexed like a muscle and work to your advantage?

Not all of us want to say no, no, no. So instead let’s try to say yes to something. Yes to something different, better, more positive.

Let’s determine the smallest possible action you can manage to break a bad habit (yep we have a few right). Or maybe start a new positive habit. Then commit to it for a day.

Try something different. Why not? A healthy upgrade might be very achievable. Give yourself a minute to think about what you might like to say yes to.

It’s a long way to the next New Years resolution but I’m almost sure you have a “I wish I could……” thought up your sleeve.

Why not give it a try? A 24 hour trial. Maybe think about the positive outcomes that could result if you hit the reset button. It doesn’t have to be perfect to give it a try.

We are creatures of habit so shake it up it small steps. Get those ducks in a row.

Let’s Go.

Just a minute now.

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  1. Diana

    I love this! Small steps lead to big changes :0)

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