Lightbulb Moment

So here’s the thing. I really thought I needed to have all the answers. Do you?

If you are a parent, a friend, a sister/brother, a consultant, a coach, a mentor, a team player, a boss… may well be thinking the same thing.

Newsflash….there is power in silence.

Picture yourself in the situation, sitting patiently for the other person (think partner, child, work colleague, friend) to come to their own conclusions. Hard? Tricky? Yes, but very worthwhile.

Remember others are capable and resourceful. In fact, they are probably keen to contribute…if only you would stop talking!

Stop finishing sentences, rushing others along, making noise. Actually just stop talking for a minute.

Quiet fortitude is needed here. The emphasis on quiet.


You do not have to provide all the solutions, answer all the problems or come up with all the ideas. How’s that for a seed of an idea? Who knows what will grow.

Capture the minute in silence, I dare you.

Let’s go.
Just a minute now.


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