Have you celebrated anything recently? I don’t mean a birthday or anniversary but something else.

Have you taken a moment to reflect on the day or the week or this month and said to yourself “that went well”. I did my best there. I showed up authentically. The connections I made were genuine. We put in a lot of energy. I was empathetic and warm. We kicked a goal. I stayed in touch. The team worked well together.

Do you ever look back, or is your focus always in front of you on the next list of things to be achieved?

When we stop and reflect we can see more clearly. So think about it. Consider what you’ve done, muse on who you are, consider how it went, contemplate the day, let it mull. Review and ruminate. You have a minute.

Rather than wanting more, feeling we should be brighter, busier or bolder we might even recognise we are already there. Enough.

It’s amazing how enough you already are.

So reflect and feel good. Remember the twist. You are special because….(yes, fill in the blanks).

The question isn’t can you. It’s will you?

Let’s go.

Just a minute now.



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