Would you please spend the next minute thinking about your hobby?
Surely this will put a smile on your face.

If you don’t have a hobby, perhaps it’s time to think about starting one? It’s never too late to have a hobby and given the future is the only thing we can change, today is a good day to start.

Having a hobby is a gift. You can step out of your day-to-day role and make jewellery, knit, juggle, sing, enjoy gardening, learn an instrument, play ping pong, trampoline or paint.

Your hobby can inspire and energise you. Having this break from work will allow you to think more creatively, problem-solve and come up with new and exciting ideas.

You get to meet people who wouldn’t normally be in your orbit and you can spread your wings.

Having a hobby is a great connector. When you learn someone is a car enthusiast, keen photographer, studies a language, collects wine, loves art galleries, pottering around food markets or enjoys hiking, suddenly you have a deeper view into their life.

Hobbies are not just for your spare time. When we love our hobby, we make time for it.

Some will rise early to practice pilates, run, meditate, read or write. Others will stay up late collecting, exploring the stars, boxing, cooking, scrapbooking or debating. Occasionally we squeeze our hobby in between appointments, meetings or commuting.

What’s your hobby?

Let’s go.

Just a minute now.


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