The road to success is always under construction and needs perseverance.

Do you have what it takes to go the distance? Let’s face it, this may be a road less travelled and not always can you take the collaborative approach.

Sometimes you just have to go it alone.

Day after day. Night after night. Slog. This is all about grit, determination and endurance.

Are you dedicated to something? Do you have the tenacity to keep going?

Did you make a commitment? Where does the consistency, guts, drive and backbone come from? How can we switch it on?

It’s amazing when you have a purpose, reason, a goal how your perseverance and resoluteness can kick in.

Take this minute to think about why you are doing “this”.

Not what you are doing exactly or how you are doing it but why. What is the purpose?

Is it worth perseverance now? I thought so.

Let’s go …

Just a minute now.


  1. Jo

    Awesome topics.
    Can always relate to them all!
    Always gives something to think about and press forward to change in my life.

    • Nicole

      Really happy to hear they help Jo xxx

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