Call me crazy

You may not be doing the same thing as everyone else. Then again you are not everyone else.


Call me crazy but this is not a dress rehearsal and you only have so many life minutes.


Stop comparing yourself to others. Doing that is the thief of happiness right there. You want a pep in your step and the best way to achieve that might just be simple. Be you for a change. That’s right…. genuine, authentic, true to the bones YOU.


It is exhausting being the other version….the three layers of war paint, hair strung into place, straight jacket on and heading in the wrong direction … you.


Take a moment to remind yourself what the real you likes. I don’t mean the things you just do because everyone else does. I mean the things you really like.


What are those things exactly?


Is it reminiscing about the past? Is it developing bucket lists for the future? Is it laughing uncontrollably, cooking up a storm, meditating, enjoying camaraderie, reading, writing, sailing, digging in the garden, working out, painting a canvas or your toe nails, eating with friends or helping others? Do you like drinking coffee, looking at beautiful photos, eating edible flowers or baking cupcakes?


Now here is a list worth writing. I like……(fill in the blanks). Now do just that.


Let’s go (and eat cupcakes!).


Just a minute now.



  1. Lyn graham

    One of the good things about getting older is becoming clearer about doing what you really like. The best things in life are often not those facebook moments.

    • Nicole

      Very true Lyn

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