Private Road

Private time just for you in just a minute.

It’s too noisy, too busy, too hot or cold, too rushed, stop.

No more calls, texts, selfies, to-do lists, must-haves. No more feeling like you are stuck in the washing machine on spin cycle. Nothing.

Imagine space – think about a gap, a break, a rest.

Put yourself there for a minute. Wiggle your toes. Edge in slowly with a cuppa. Sit, relax, STOP.

Close your eyes.

In a minute you will feel differently. Steal this time for yourself. Put up the no thru traffic sign, trespassers beware. Bliss, empty, melt into quiet.


Let’s go.

Just a minute now …

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  1. John

    Phew! I needed this in my day…

    Thank you for sharing!!

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