Be Generous

There is something that needs doing today. Nope, it is not on your to-do list. In fact, maybe you have thought about it previously and then the moment passed and it was lost.

You can do something for someone else.

What is it? I don’t know but you do.

Maybe there is something you could do for a neighbour. A smile and a hello wouldn’t hurt, right? Maybe you could just show up, be present and listen to someone who ordinarily doesn’t get an audience.

Maybe you could make that phone call that is overdue. Give those clothes to a local charity.

Maybe you pass a homeless person during your day and it’s time to actually say hello, drop in a little money and give some hope.

What about asking the name of someone you see regularly but actually don’t really know – the guy or girl that makes you a coffee, serves you at a favourite place, helps you check out when shopping, the postman.

Take a minute and work out who needs you. Deep down you already know when your paths will cross again. Make the crossing a good one.

Let’s go.

Just a minute now ….


  1. Lyn graham

    Well said and a good reminder to contact those people who I know are waiting for a call.

  2. Dr T.

    You always inspire me so much. You are such a good and beautiful person. This one made me cry. I am going to do some generous things today. Thank you

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