So it has finally come to this. You have woken up this morning and realised without a doubt you are not perfect. Not airbrushed, nope not cover material.

Good. Now we have got over that let’s love the bits that aren’t runway ready.

So your hair never behaves. Join the club and own it. Your teeth aren’t the perfect shade of white, straight and sparkling. Smile anyway and own it. Your six-pack has long since departed or never made an appearance. It happens. Own it.

No one has accused you of having shapely legs recently. Yours however still get you around and dance on occasion. Lucky you. Own them. Your arms may jiggle a little more than you would like or have freckles or could do with a bit of tone. Throw them around anyway. Own them.

Yikes, your hands…No amount of exfoliation, scrubbing, buffing or polish will get them into dashing diva or dan mode. Awwww well, shake, wave, hold on anyway and own them.

Still looking yourself up and down? This is you.

Did I mention your feet? Wow, what happened there? You ran, walked, kicked, jumped all over them …. it shows. The best part is they rarely complain. Own them.

We’re real, here and happy with all the bits because we own it! Give yourself a break. Step out with full confidence.

Let’s Go.

Just a minute now …


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