Here it is, the minute you’ve been waiting for …

Today for a minute (or more) you are going to demonstrate your best positive attitude, nothing but blue sky all the way.

This will occur even if your mode of transport broke down on the way to work, the barista ran out of coffee and you spilt the green smoothie down the front of your crisp white shirt. Yes, this is the moment, your moment.

Ladies and gentlemen put on your positive pants.

Pull out your clever-sticks collection of emails, notes, cards, reminders ……this is our secret stash of confidence. Reminders that we can do it. Read or roll in them as a warm-up.

I know you have a favourite song, a funny photo or a great music video to get those positive vibes flowing. Channel that.

Pay attention to what happens next. You will use your personal blend of polite, engaged, motivated and interested conversation and you will smile. There is a strong aura of confidence right there. Like a magnet, you might just draw in other positive people.

Observe. Yes, it’s happening! That clear, level voice and your choice of deliberate positive words are a potent combination. You are throwing bright sunlight wherever you go.

Smile, it increases your face value….

Let’s go.

Just a minute now …


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