Comfortable in your own skin

Isn’t it time to feel comfortable in your own skin? Could you maybe just take this minute to feel a relaxed confidence in yourself and your abilities?


Sounds easy but on any given day we can be bombarded with reasons not to embrace ourselves.


Why are you putting yourself through this stress when you are already perfect?


How’s your self-worth on the meter of 1 to 10 today? Are you feeling you are truly of value, no matter how you look?


Too many of us think if only I was skinnier, or looked better, or were more successful then I’d be feeling comfortable in my own skin. It’s a journey.


In the meantime, right now are you celebrating this moment in your own skin? Are you honoring your body? Maintaining a healthy and happy spirit in the present moment? When was the last time you nurtured your mind; learnt something new, enjoyed a good read, travelled to somewhere different, felt passionate about something?


Let’s have a minute where we stop seeking validation from others. Kick to the curb your insecurity, self-doubt and discomfort. Stop being so harsh on yourself. We all make mistakes, be kind to yourself. What would your closest friend say?


Remember your best age is now and doing what you love is an important step in loving who you are.


Let’s Go.


Just a minute now …




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