The day that is completely filled to the point of overflowing, too busy and in essence on overload is often any day of the week ending in the word day.

The 24/7 overload is not purely for a select few, a certain age, a specific gender, location, industry or time.

Overload is when the hours spin past quicker than you can complete the list of things to do. When you’re juggling and realise you have too many balls up in the air.

Your phone continues to notify you of texts, emails, the news, what’s happening on a variety of apps and more. The open door policy is wearing thin or the open plan office makes you a little more accessible than you would like to be. Your calendar is full. This overload can happen occasionally, often or way too frequently.

In a world where we strive to endlessly do more, what could you do less of today? What could you take off your plate? Could you delegate something? Pass it on, share it, consign it elsewhere, give it away, entrust to someone else.

Take this minute to contemplate what you can delegate from today? Today needs some air.

Less is more.

Let’s go.

Just a minute now.


  1. Lachlan Hinds

    This has me a little stumped…. how to delegate when you’re a sole trader with your own business and no staff? X

    • nicoletreasure

      Excellent question and one that we all struggle with. Is there someone outside the business who can help? They assist with this task and you contribute to them in another way. Delegate, dump or do? Reality is we can’t do everything.

  2. Diane

    Good tips. Rushing to defeat deadlines we can forget the priorities. Taking a minute to pause is valuable now and in the long run.

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