Are you desperate to find some space? Yesterday, today and tomorrow….does it feel like they are all running into each other?

Do you have little or no time to rest between appointments, meetings, calls, emails and to-do lists?

I’d love to say stop and put your feet up but in reality that’s not always possible. If you need or want to find space, you’ll have to make it. 

Where should you look?

You’ll find it hidden in between all the things that make you busy. The white space, the breadth of time in between “stuff”.

It’s on the way to the next meeting when you take a long way around. Or in between the calls when you get up and stretch before you dial the next number. Perhaps when you get to drop-off, and once the car is empty, you sit and listen to your favourite song. It’s on your commute when you look out the window and see something that doesn’t resemble a screen.

Finding space means looking for it and avidly seeking, exploring, hunting, delving into your day to see this elusive space. Examine your calendar, probe your planner.

Work out how you can cram, thrust, wedge, sandwich in some you-time and space. Edge in, insert and wiggle.

The Third Space.

When I looked, I found Dr Adam Fraser, an Australian peak performance researcher who suggests you opt for the Third Space. 

“The ‘First Space’ is what you’re doing now. The ‘Second Space’ is what you’re about to do, and the ‘Third Space’ is the gap in the middle. 

Your Third Space isn’t physical, and it doesn’t require you to do yoga or meditate for an hour either, “The third space is simply a technique that allows us to compartmentalise. A mindfulness and self-awareness method that helps us to decompress in a matter of minutes, ” Adam says.

It’s a great way to reflect, rest and reset. Maybe we could try that?

Let’s go. 

Just a minute now.


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