One day or day one

Is this one day or day one?  Have you received a lot of emails, blogs, recommendations or suggestions that now is the time to come up with a new goal, key objective, intention, a plan, your essence word or valid reason to get out of bed during this year? I have.

Right now is a magical time. Wipe your slate clean sort-of-time. Fresh start. Wave the magic wand timing. Many of us are getting back to work, starting our new year’s routine. Break out the new calendar, planner, get a new app, invest some time embracing the new.

First Monday of the year, first week…..

Apparently now is the time to do “it”.

The “it” is a very personal thing. It’s probably something you’ve been thinking about for a while. It may be big or small. A change, something new or reinventing an old favourite with a twist. And, I love a twist.

What got you here may not get you there ….where your new goal lives.

Sadly that vague, general, kind-of-a goal isn’t going to cut it. Pick just one thing you could do every day…even for a minute. Each day you’ll be a step closer to the happy dance.

You may have to sweat a bit; you may have to get up earlier, you may have to forgo that treat. Maybe you’ll have to learn something new, try something different, reinvigorate a skill or call on a strength you haven’t used lately.

What could you do more of, less of or differently to reach your new goal? Start to picture it. What does it look like when you’ve achieved it? How do you feel? What are you thankful for?

It’s not all about what you do when you do it or even how. Sometimes its worth remembering the who. Who could support you? Most importantly, who will be there cheering you on?

Time to make some progress. Plant those seeds today.

Let’s go.

Just a minute now.


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