Life Admin Time

In amongst the commuting, working, juggling, school runs, client meetings and creative brainstorming we need our life admin time.

Now more than ever.

Those sections of time where we stop the train and get off – albeit momentarily.

Life admin looks different for everyone. It could be when you unsubscribe to all the annoying emails that flood your inbox relentlessly. It may be when you check to see all your bills are on auto-debit or you physically pay them.

It could be that slice of time where you “file” – papers, emails, stuff that has accumulated on the kitchen table, in your wallet or your car.

Perhaps you need to make appointments; doctors and dentist checkups, the plumber, parent-teacher chats or the hairdresser (dark roots I see you!).

Maybe the fridge needs your attention if something is growing back there. Has the bathtub been taken over with everything that couldn’t fit in storage? If you’re lucky enough to have a garage can you drive the car into it, or have the I’ll-sort-that-later pile of boxes overtaken it?

The time has come.Time to sort.

How about a clean sweep of your desk? Life admin can be found here too. The unopened mail, the read-later articles, the broken accessories.

Life admin time is just for you. Take some and use it wisely.

Let’s go.

Just a minute now.


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