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I asked friends, family, colleagues, clients and unsuspecting strangers what they have done more of in the last year. Here’s what they shared.

I’ve been inundated with video calls. Tried to be more flexible about how, when and where I work.

I’ve been backing myself. Working out, staying in.

Cooking, baking, eating more.

Swimming, bushwalking, running, stretching and walking around the block. Yoga and online classes from around the world. Enjoying hanging out with my pets at home.

More meditating, reflecting, writing, handstands, creating things like stories, art, food and relationships.

Watching more news and thinking about health and what it means.

I’m taking on more significant challenges and focussing on the detail. More thinking about the future.

Getting dressed up to go to the supermarket. It’s a thing for me now.

More streaming, TV series back to back, movies and more horizontal time. More board games, more puzzles.

More exotic takeaway. More supporting local businesses. More coffee.

More connecting with my neighbours and reflecting on how lucky I am. More hanging out with babies and little people.

More concentrated focus on positive thoughts. Mindfulness. Volunteering in my community. Gratitude.

More use of electronic devices. Online shopping. Reading, chatting with friends. Enjoying catching up with family overseas via zoom.

Self-reflection, thinking about my mental health. Resting. Talking to my plants.

Wondering about my personal growth. Taking courses of interest. Stepping outside my comfort zone. Jumping in.

Realising I miss my commute to work as I’m working from home now.

Time indoors….more eating, more drinking, more time looking in my fridge for answers.

Cleaning. I’m trying to spark joy one drawer or shelf at a time. Repairs, maintenance and renovations. Did I mention cleaning?

Sanitizing. Mask wearing. More hand washing than I ever thought possible.

Priceless time spent with family.

More dreaming of seeing Elvis LIVE in Las Vegas. Actually more dreaming of travel anywhere.

More singing in the shower.

Maybe you see a few of the things you’ve been doing more of lately above. Perhaps you’ve found a couple you’d like to add to your routine?

Let’s go.

Just a minute now.


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