The Messy Middle

I’m right there. Yep, I admit it. Bang, smack in the messy middle.


Maybe you are too?


Clearly, we’re not at the beginning. Beginnings are sparkly, fresh, new, romantic, optimistic, full of intention and essence words. Beginnings are where anything is possible, and we are hopeful in a starry-eyed I-can-do-anything sort of way.


We’re not at the end because we know the end has a specific finish line. The crowd roars in delight. We celebrate and happy dance, and we have the results in our hands. We’re proud, relieved, excited and done.


So that leaves us in the messy middle. The mid-point between A to Z, start and finish, between “I can’t wait to get started” and “Phew, we made it”.


Before you go on, perhaps it’s worth having a quick peek in the rear vision mirror.


What did the first half look like? How did it make you feel, and where did you excel? Which bits energised you? Who made you smile? What mattered at the end of the day, and which parts are you proud of?


We’re moving into the second act now. The curtain is up.


Or perhaps you prefer the sports analogy of the second half? Now is the time when maybe you must pull out your “I’ve saved my best for last”.


Check in on your vision. Does that goal or idea or aim still feel inspiring? Is it extraordinary enough to stretch and challenge you?


Think about where you are. What’s changed since you began.


Are your supporters still in your corner? Are they still enthusiastic?


Consider your progress so far. Are you on track to kick goals and hit those original milestones?


Whether you are in the middle of your day, your week, your year or a global pandemic, it might be a messy middle.


Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Professor at Harvard Business School, said, “Those who master change persist and persevere. They have stamina. They are flexible. They expect obstacles on the road to success and celebrate each milestone. They keep arguing for what matters. And who knows what might happen?”


Take Just a minute now to polish your persistence and dial-up your flexibility. We’ll need it to get through the messy middle.


Let’s go (together).


Just a minute now.


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