Less of …

This time, friends, family, colleagues, clients and unsuspecting strangers shared what they have done less of in the last year. Here it is.

Definitely less travel sadly. No get-away holidays. No packing. No excitement about upcoming journeys.

Less wearing my party clothes and heels. Less sparkle.

Less procrastinating, which has been helpful.

Less stressing about other people not meeting my expectations.

Less drinking (though some days maybe more).

Less rushing around, wasting time. Less spinning my wheels.

Less going to galleries, cinemas, the theatre, restaurants, bars and shops.

Less socialising face to face. Connecting in person. Less entertaining, seeing friends and relaxing together.

Less going out. Less exercising in groups or at the gym.

Less work.

Caring a whole lot less about what size clothes I wear.

Less kissing, hugging.

Less going out without a purpose. Less window shopping and retail therapy.

I’m spending fewer hours in the office, less job satisfaction. Less driving and commuting. Less being productive.

No more saying yes to everything and running around manically. Less keeping up appearances and attending things/events that I don’t want to go to.

Less self-care, exercise, rest and nurturing of me.

Less distinction between work and home, professional and personal, my work colleagues and my family. It’s all been blending together.

Less engaging in drama, hookups and gossip.

Less spontaneous nights out, festivals, live music and parties. Sadly, a big decrease in the number of celebrations.

Exploring new places has been off the agenda.

Less wearing makeup or thinking about my hair, worrying about my nails or my overall look.

Less doubting myself. I’ve actually worried less about the small stuff.

Again you may find some of the above reflect what you’ve been doing a little less of. Next time we’ll explore what you’ve been doing differently.

Let’s go (with a little less stress)

Just a minute now


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