I looked at your to-do list and guess what I saw?

Well, it’s very very long.

I can see all the end of year work projects that suddenly became urgent and tasks marked priority. There are papers to read and reviews to conduct. Followups to do and timelines galore.

In addition, there are all the things at home. Take this one here and that one there. Fix this, iron that and service the car. Add value to that card, move funds over here. Pay for this, don’t forget to wrap that. Call him and her, distribute gifts to the neighbours, bake the slice and pick up the order.

So I’ve deducted the day is full and not a moment to spare. Where do all the hours go?

Strangely tomorrow looks like more of the same.

So, if we stopped for a moment and took a deep breath we’d realise this marathon requires more fuel.

Whilst we can’t create extra hours we can recognise now is made up of moments. Precious moments. Be kind to yourself and give yourself a few.

What we focus on grows.

Let’s go

Just a minute now


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