No stopping you now

The parties are over, the festive decorations boxed and stored for another year. The vacation, for most, is over or coming to an end.

January, like a Monday, or any new start offers endless possibilities. So what will you move forward? What will you progress? What will you add to, get closer to or reinvent this year?

We don’t have to say it’s a New Years Resolution. Too much pressure for some and let’s face it …. it’s nearly February! That whole idea of resolutions where 42% of us make them but only 9% are successful can be off-putting.

How about an intention? Or an essence word for the year?

I choose….(yes, you fill in the blank). I choose calm, progress over perfection, to take consistent steps towards….I choose to thrive or be bold or to have the courage just to be 100% me.

Or an essence word. I am energetic. I am positive. I am ….(something better/cooler/smarter than last year!).

Now put it out there. Share your intention or essence word. Accountability counts here.

What’s your intention, wish, goal, resolution, new habit, aim for 2018?

There’s no stopping you now. Get in quick, tomorrow is the last Monday to start in January!

Don’t be shy; strut or stride in your direction.

Let’s go.

Just a minute now.


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