Lost and Found

Done it again?

Lost your keys, your phone, your pen …?

… and then thankfully you found them.

Then lost your mojo, zest, zing, vim and vigour. How do you find them?

Sometimes we just have to admit we’ve lost sight of what’s important and who we are.

We’re so busy doing, doing, doing. Ticking off that to-do list with every last drop of energy we can muster. Running from one place to another and then back again. It’s all a bit of a blur.

The day turns into an endless logistics exercise – ducking, weaving and plenty of juggling.

No longer two hands on the steering wheel … we just keep this busy-ness on repeat.

So if the days are long but the years are short take this minute to find ** you **. Lost in the blur you are there somewhere.

Not just the partner of … mother or father to … daughter or son of … sister or brother to …the employee of … there is you. You are important.

I am … (fill in the blanks) and I … (fill in the blanks). Paint a picture that sounds good for you.

I am the creator of Just a minute now …

… and I love what I do.
… and my favourite meal is breakfast.
… and I love to be near the ocean.
… and I have a slight obsession with sprinkles and sparkles.

Got it? Now you try and then share. I’d love to hear what you find!

Let’s go.

Just a minute now.


  1. Tracey

    I am…the creator of my destiny

    …the loved one of many people I love and respect

    Family and friends are what makes my world rock

    I love to give love, and I love to receive it

    Love is my mantra

    I am a believer in equal rights for everyone

    I am blessed

    • nicoletreasure

      …and your mantra shines where ever you go Tracey xxx

  2. Jo

    I felt that “lost and found” was so on time. so true and a lot of us can relate to it. Great post Nicole along with all your other great post.

    I am a Woman whom wants to find her true purpose.
    II love life, I’m caring, loving and love to have fun . I’m a praying blessed Woman whom is surrounded by love, inner peace and joy.

    The things that really make me feel good in my life: family,friends,writing,,smiling/laughing, meeting people of all cultures, being a foodie,music/dancing.
    My little obsessions is make up, perfumes, beauty products… Looking good, makes me feel good and gives me power!!!!

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