Burnt Toast

Oh, I’ll take that … you have the perfect slice. No, I don’t mind burnt toast at all. There you go.

Crumpled and wet? Never mind. Pass that to me.

Oh, be careful that cup is chipped. Let me get you another one. I can use that one.

No milk left? Mmmm, yes, of course, I could have black instead.

You can’t make that time …? Never mind let me reschedule my day and fit your timing.

Oh, I was thinking we might have Mexican. You prefer Japanese? Well, sushi would be nice … I guess.

Are you listening to yourself here? When will you put yourself front and centre? First priority. Anytime soon? Today would be good.

Take a minute to think about yourself for a change.

I know there’s your partner, family, kids, boss, work colleagues and friends to consider but how about you. Who is looking after you? Putting you first. Thinking about your needs.

Just in the nick of time actually … I smell something burning (again).

Let’s go.

Just a minute now.


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