A million little things

Do you ever wake up and think I have a million little things to do today? A million? Really?

That can only be described as overachieving but you know that.

If I just get that million things down on paper they would be more manageable. So the list begins …

By about number 10, the enthusiasm starts to wane. At number 23 things, I feel my eyes glazing over and when I realise I need a second page….well then I procrastinate.

Perhaps I’ll just go and label and alphabetise the spice jars in the pantry or clear out a few dozen emails. I could always refold the washing or shuffle the floor filing. I might check in on that distant relative – just to see what they’re up to.

Alternatively, I could make a few calls, send a multitude of texts, scroll a little, post, browse, like.

Perhaps I’m just hungry. Yes, that’s it I’ll have a quick snack. Oh and a coffee and that will reinvigorate me. Or not.

Back to the million little things. Mmmm.

How about focussing on three things? Not just any three but the critical three. Yes, the three that support the big picture goal, the key objective. The three that when you get to the end of today you will be happy dancing because you accomplished them.

A million little things or three kick-ass I-ticked-off-the-big-stuff things?

Which will you choose? Take a minute to think about it.

Let’s go.
Just a minute now.


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