Differently …

When we looked back over the past year, there were more than a few things that we’ve done differently. Here’s what you shared.

Focussing on daily routines has helped me eat well and exercise regularly.

I’ve considered sugar as an essential food group and wine as a fruit.

I’m more action-oriented. Less pondering. Really appreciated the time I’ve had to spend with family and friends.

Decided I needed to be more independent and communicated this to others for the first time.

Delivery overload. Groceries and ordering everything online has been new to me. Browsing and sauntering when shopping in person has been curtailed. I even use a list now to get in and get out quickly.

Taking a moment to breathe, reflect and then reply rather than react.

Work and studied differently via zoom.Everything work-related has changed. Adapted to an increase in technology surrounding me. Juggled family and work in the same space every day.

Domestic travel. Appreciating places closer to home.

Reconsidered what my exercise routine looks like. Much of it is now in my lounge room.

Appreciated all the front line workers that I know are working tirelessly.

Stopped planning too far in advance. Lifestyle focussed. Trying new things, thinking outside the box. Inviting change and not too rigidly attached to the outcome. Re-evaluated friendships and moved away from people and values that don’t align with me.

Open to the unexpected.

Studied and broadened the scope of my work.

Weekly cocktails with my Grandpa has been a highlight. Enjoyed texts and quick messages from thoughtful friends around the world.

I’ve been experimenting with my hair colour.

Phoning rather than texting. Reaching out to others when I felt they needed support. Asking rather than assuming.

Implementing future plans instead of just daydreaming. Developed patience, practised mindfulness and enjoyed the present.

I’ve learnt to be more organised and cook. Stayed home for LONG periods.

Everything is simpler, more basic. I’ve surprised myself how I’ve navigated uncertainty, predominately with aplomb.

Slowed down socially and rarely left the 10km radius from my home.

Social distancing. Thinking of my face mask as a necessary accessory.

More meditation. I’ve slowed down and am appreciating simple things. I’ve been kinder to myself and left more room in my cup for me. I’m taking a lot less for granted.

Realised we are all in the same storm but different boats. Respecting different opinions and viewpoints.

So, it’s been different for us all, in different ways. For some little has changed and for others everything has. Be mindful that others may have got to their messy middle in a different way.

Lets’ go (gently)

Just a minute now.


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