Keeping it simple

Once upon a time, we sat in the sand, laughing. We put our toes in the water and screamed with delight, despite the cold. We did cartwheels along the water front or at least tried. We loved the warm sun on our face. Pass me the bucket. I have a princess castle to make.

If we weren’t at the beach maybe we were in the paddock. Chasing the dog around was great fun. Feeding the animals. Blowing hard on the dandelions and making a wish.

We may have had a bike or a scooter or hung out under a favourite tree. We played with our neighbours. We spent time with our family.

Then it got complicated. We had studies, papers, applications and essays to write. We had numbers to reach, stretch goals, long lists and competition. We collected our references, looked for endorsement and hoped for a positive review. We were pushing…. sometimes uphill.

Now we’re looking at our devices, checking the date, the time, the double bookings and juggling. Do I have time to do that? Oh, the traffic. Pick up, drop off. Running. Continuously trying to balance. Counting the moments.

Sometimes it’s not until we are well down the path of complex that we appreciate the simple.

Take this minute to remember what simple pleasures you enjoy. I wish …..

Let’s go.

Just a minute now.


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