Today will be better. Today we will make it better. In fact, it will just be better all-round.

We woke up this morning and said: “today will be a better day”. OK, maybe we didn’t say exactly that when the alarm went off.

We were hoping it would be better though. Better than yesterday. Better than last week.

We’ve decided we will leave this place better than the way we found it.

In fact, we will jump into this day with such relentless optimism that we will noticeably make everyone we come into contact with, feel better.

We will rub off our better-by-far positivity.

It’s working, right? No? Keep trying. Better luck, next time.

Today we will be more efficient, improve upon yesterday and exceed expectations. This time it is going to work.

We’re increasing all the better bits. Feeling fortunate. Happier.

Take this minute to contemplate what could be better today.

Would you like to feel better? Sound better? Act better? Be better at something or with someone? Be better with your better half? Treat yourself better?

Better late than never!

Let’s go.

Just a minute now.


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