Just Breathe

You are surprised, aren’t you? Didn’t think there was a single spare minute in your day. Addicted to busyness? Overwhelmed with the to-do lists? Skip the drama. This minute is for you and you only.

Stand in the broom cupboard, on your head, in the stairwell, on a boat, in the corridor, on a busy street and just breathe.

No “om” or “ah” required. You can breathe quietly or with lots of noisy effects.

Notice how you may have got used to shallow breathing? Make a change. Suck in the air. Really be happy that your lungs are working. No not just a little pleased. Absolutely elated that you can breathe….

Many can’t – so be grateful.

Exhale also with vim and vigor. Yes like you mean it.

Wow, that feels good.

Just a minute now ….

Let’s go


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